Training Materials

Google Maps Basics:

1. Slide deck

2. Go to Google Maps:

3. Search for your business listing:

4. Go to Google Map Maker:

Raleigh's favorite Street View panoramas

1. Galapagos Islands: Blue-footed boobies | Sea lions

2. Canadian Arctic: Sled dogs | Inuit art museum

3. Gombe National Park: Jane Goodall's house | Chimpanzee in tree

4. Khumbu, Nepal (Sherpa villages near Everest): Buddhist monastery | Sherpa Culture Museum | Yak Parking Lot


1. Methods for creating photo spheres

2. Sharing PhotoSpheres from mobile

3. Embedding PhotoSpheres

4. Photospheres and Virtual Reality

Storytelling with Maps (Tour Builder)

Tour Builder tutorial

1. Slide deck

2. Demo tour: here

3. Demo data on Google Doc: here

4. Encyclopedia Virginia example: A Virginian Abroad: Paquiquineo & the Age of Exploration

4. Go to Tour Builder here

5. Trans-Antartica Expedition map (.kmz)

Google Earth files:

(download Google Earth)

Tutorial on adding points, lines and polygons

Tutorial on image overlays

Tutorial on touring

1. Slide deck

2. 1907 map of downtown Charlottesville (.jpg)

3. John Smith map of the Chesapeake Bay (.jpg)

4. John Smith map of the Chesapeake Bay (.kmz)

5. Seeing Beneath Stonehenge

6. Geo Lit Trips

7. Cherokee Journey YouTube video (see 0:30-1:23 for Google Earth part)

My Maps files:

My Maps website

My Maps Tutorial

1. Encyclopedia Virginia contributors (.csv)

2. Virginia Museums (.xlsx)

3. Virginia tornadoes (.csv)


1. Slide deck

2. Creating Immersive Virtual Tours with Google Tools Slide deck